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It’s about time!   We’ve been waiting and waiting and it’s finally here!  We’ll be recording our first episode of Taboo soon!

Wanna be on the panel?  YOU CAN BE!   You’ll be able to call in, email, IM, CHAT and more your issues, information and more!   Join us and get involved!

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  1. wolverat   On   July 30, 2017 at 12:32 pm

    TABOO – Episode 1 Show notes.

    In this episode of Taboo we’ll take a look at people who believe they have ESP-type powers. From telekineses, telepathy, to darker subjects of manipulating others to do their bidding.

    What makes you think you have powers? What powers do you possess? What kind of things do you feel you use to manipulate others?

    I. History of ESP-type powers
    a. Government secret programs.
    b. Training schools for ESP-type abilities
    II. Caller stories…
    a. Play caller stories
    a1. Discuss each story
    b. Discuss live with callers and ask questions.
    III. Summation.
    a. Weather you believe you do or you don’t, you’re probably right. There have been schools of “forbidden knowledge” for as long as man has been around.

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