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“It’s very stark,” Scott Walker says of his music in a 2006 interview for the documentary 30 Century Man. “As I go on, things get starker.” Did they ever. It’s hard to think of a popular, or once-popular, musician whose work transformed more completely, or fascinatingly, than Scott Walker’s did during the course of his […]

Fifty years after the Art Ensemble of Chicago first became an internationally known force in avant-garde music, co-founder Roscoe Mitchell has no plans to make any major changes to the group’s working method, which unifies musical strands ranging from deep blues and heavy funk to rigorous composition, ritualistic soundscapes and beyond under the tagline “Great […]

About seven years ago, stories about “Bob Dylan’s Rapping Grandson” flooded the internet. Pablo Dylan — the child of Bob’s oldest son, Jesse — was just 15 at the time and he was trying to promote his new mixtape. “My grandfather, I consider him the Jay-Z of his time,” he said, in comments that ricocheted […]

Bruce Springsteen: The Stories Behind the Songs, by Brian Hiatt, 2019 My new book, Bruce Springsteen: The Stories Behind the Songs, tells the tales behind every officially released studio recording of Bruce Springsteen’s career so far. In addition to my years of Springsteen reporting, including five interviews with the man himself, the book draws on […]

One of the most exciting stories in hip-hop right now is all about the women who are rising to the top of the genre’s ranks. Leading the pack is Megan Thee Stallion, a Houston rapper who’s become a phenomenon in short order thanks to not only her killer, hard-hitting songs — see “Big Ole Freak” […]

If the future is female, then streaming services are wildly behind the times — the big winners on these platforms are overwhelmingly men. In 2018, for example, just three of the Top 25 most-streamed songs were helmed by women, according to data from BuzzAngle, which tracks music consumption. The same held true for albums. That […]

Patrick Stump was livid. On a lurching tour bus rigged with a wobbly Jenga tower of recording equipment, the singer and Fall Out Boy frontman had been trying to lay down demos for the band’s second album — it’d been hours, fiddling with rubber cords and finicky software — and none was working well together. […]

Juice WRLD’s “Lucid Dreams” was fraught and wounded, a stinging narrative of betrayal softened, slightly, by a sample of the actual Sting. Streamers gobbled it up — “Lucid Dreams” became the most-streamed single of 2018 not made by Drake — and commuters stuck in traffic enjoyed it too: “Lucid Dreams” became a multi-format radio hit. […]

It’s been five years since the Black Keys have released any music together, but with their new song “Lo/Hi,” the duo seem to have picked up right where they left off. Dan Auerbach’s signature bluesy, fuzzy guitar and Patrick Carney’s thumping garage rock drum beat are alive and well. And yes, before you ask — […]

Ariana Grande is the face of Starbuck’s “Cloud Macchiato.” It’s synergy made in marketing heaven: Grande loves cloud emojis, is one of the biggest pop stars on the planet and has millions of young fans who presumably love sugar and caffeine in equal measure. Starbucks is a multi-billion dollar company in need of young consumers […]

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