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Indoor bike company Peloton has amassed a cult following and a $4 billion valuation off of its dreamy lifestyle sell: Well-dressed men and women pedal their way to fanatically good health with the help of electrifying videos and hit songs. But the latter may have involved some cut corners, according to a lawsuit filed on […]

Patrick Stump was livid. On a lurching tour bus rigged with a wobbly Jenga tower of recording equipment, the singer and Fall Out Boy frontman had been trying to lay down demos for the band’s second album — it’d been hours, fiddling with rubber cords and finicky software — and none was working well together. […]

Rihanna is releasing new music this year — but the album that popped up on iTunes and Apple Music over the weekend is not it. Still, Angel, an unauthorized record full of unreleased tracks uploaded by “Fenty Fantasia” and quickly disseminated across social media, was so popular among listeners that it debuted at Number 67 […]

Though the 61st Grammy Awards are only one night away, the biggest news cycle surrounding the show this week has focused more on who’s not attending than who is. After Ariana Grande was reported to have pulled out of the slate of Grammy performers because of clashes with the production team, the show’s longtime executive […]

You’d think a song that is everywhere on the Internet — exploding on music charts, racking up billions of streams and downloads and YouTube plays, and even making it into the celebrity zeitgeist as it did this week on Cardi B’s Instagram — would be making its creator filthy rich. But “Baby Shark,” the viral […]

The viral Bird Box challenge, in which people blindfold themselves in daily life in the style of characters from Netflix’s cult-status sci-fi flick Bird Box, will no longer have a home on YouTube. Videos that “cross the line” between funny and harmful are prohibited from the platform from now on, the video-streaming giant said this week. “We’ve […]

Music has been center stage this week at CES 2019, the latest edition of Las Vegas’s international annual consumer electronics bacchanal. As smart speakers and smart home devices become ubiquitous in households around the world, audio-tech companies new and old are now fighting to show off fresh-off-the-line premium technology at the show, an event that […]

Here’s music for the music business’s ears: U.S. consumers’ spending on audio entertainment is expected to rise significantly this year off of record spending in 2018. On-demand music services are expected to bring in 22 percent more revenue in 2019, rising to $7.7 billion, according to the Consumer Technology Association’s semi-annual U.S. consumer technology sales […]

In 2018, Best Buy decided to stop selling CDs, with the change partly brought on by record labels’ increasing reluctance to even issue them. Both choices are symptoms as well as causes of a seemingly inevitable trend: Buying music is now going out of style nearly as fast as streaming music is rising. In 2018, album sales […]

“Historic” was the adjective of choice for artists, songwriters and politicians alike when Congress passed the Music Modernization Act earlier this year. The overdue bundle of reform — intended to update copyright rules for the streaming age and help music-makers take home more money — was an industry-wide effort, years in the making. The MMA’s passage […]

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