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Lizzo’s major-label debut album, Cuz I Love You, re-introduces the world to a freshly evolved artist. While she launched her solo career years ago as a backpack rapper, the new album highlights the fact that Lizzo has since become a world-class belter, using the raw passion in her voice to unlock spiritual and emotional growth. […]

When Sarah Mary Chadwick sings, her voice sounds brittle, as though it’s crumbling as it leaves her throat. The only thing that props her up on “Confetti,” a new song from her upcoming LP The Queen Who Stole the Sky, is the rounded, warm, comforting tones of the ancient grand organ she’s playing, a relic […]

Earlier this month, Sara Bareilles released her sixth album, Amidst the Chaos. The singer-songwriter’s career has changed drastically in the last few years, as a hit Broadway show and an Emmy-nominated turn as Mary Magdalene in Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert have helped her move beyond pop. Songs like her recent single “Fire” prove, […]

The pianos and strings that open Tame Impala’s wonderful new song evoke classic house music at its most radiant and redemptive. But as is almost always the case with Australian psych-pop song sculptor Kevin Parker, “Patience” is immediately revealed to be more complicated than that first heraldic rush of music might imply. The drums drift, […]

One of the most exciting stories in hip-hop right now is all about the women who are rising to the top of the genre’s ranks. Leading the pack is Megan Thee Stallion, a Houston rapper who’s become a phenomenon in short order thanks to not only her killer, hard-hitting songs — see “Big Ole Freak” […]

It’s been five years since the Black Keys have released any music together, but with their new song “Lo/Hi,” the duo seem to have picked up right where they left off. Dan Auerbach’s signature bluesy, fuzzy guitar and Patrick Carney’s thumping garage rock drum beat are alive and well. And yes, before you ask — […]

The third track on Hand Habits’ great new album, placeholder, comes on like a folk song, with Meg Duffy finger-picking soft solo acoustic patterns. The effect is peaceful, calming, with a hint of something else underneath the surface. Then, about 40 seconds into “pacify,” Duffy begins singing, and the song swerves in another direction. There […]

Derek King’s “Tetris” is a baffling song, even by streaming’s everything-goes standards. It’s built around the melody of Sisqó’s 2000 hit “Thong Song,” but comes with a Bay area bounce. Instead of comparing butts to dump trucks, King’s lyrics are more interested in using the famous puzzle game as a horny metaphor. “So baby, come […]

It’s been a long six years since we last heard new music from the Jonas Brothers, and toward the end of their run, it seemed like they had already lost the muse that made them one of the catchiest, funniest and most-charming acts to come out of their class of Disney peers. It was clear […]

Dalex and Rafa Pabón’s “Pa Mí” is the latest single to benefit from the ensemble-remix treatment that has boosted recent hits like Nio García, Casper Mágico and Darell’s “Te Boté,” El Alfa’s “Suave” and Alex Rose’s “Toda.” In the original “Pa Mí,” Dalex sings with stirring force about romantic fixation, sounding possessive to the point of […]

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